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NextCEO was inspired by the drive of an individual to document and share the journey of discovery into the world of executive corporate life, entrepreneurship, philanthropy, academics, family man and the ability for all these to co-exist as one. Few individuals today have achieved this level of balance and lived to tell their story.

According to Bill McBean (2012), The Facts of Business Life: What Every Successful Business Owner Knows that You Don’t, the top 5 characteristics of a Great leader is.

  • Flexibility
  • Ability to communicate
  • Having courage, tenacity, and patience
  • Humility and Presence
  • Being Responsible

These are things that can not be learnt from a book or online, but NextCEO aims to not only supply knowledge into the fields of leadership, but to lead by example.  NextCEO authors will from time to time document there journeys and hopefully teach by example therefore aiding you to understand how these characteristics plays there roles in real life situations.

NextCEO aims to be the primary source of good advice and information in the field of leadership by supplying a platform where current and future leaders can join together to learn and teach in a parallel medium. Academic articles will be made available in different fields of studies and will be discussed and reviewed to ensure the most efficient information and guidance is achieve.

Most of all. We aim to be part of the building blocks of your future.

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