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Live beyond life. Behaviour is now.

I have not posted anything on here for some time. but lots have happened. So much to tell so little time. I three weeks time my wife and I will be in Vegas, anticipating an awesome time.

There are many things in one’s life that causes one to re-evaluate ones values and virtues and makes you take a second look at you perception of life. During the last couple of months, my life has been going through some of these. So why am I posting personal stuff here? Well because your personal life and stuff relates strongly to your business and leaderships life and stuff.

Let me tell you this story of a woman in the eastern suburbs. Belinda constantly complained about her boss being a mean slave driver and would frequently complain about the boss not willing to give her the afternoon off to get her personal affairs and errands done. She would every so often take a sick day just because she felt like it. But looking into her life mirror, there was a different picture facing reality.

She had domestic workers working for her. She would frequently urge her workers to work harder and more efficient as her material costs were elevating. She expected the workers to be in at 6am before she left for work and still be in when she arrived at home at 6pm. When the workers did not arrive for work on any given day, she would deduct the day’s wages from their pay. She rarely let them take single day leave to extend a long weekend. In short she was the boss that nobody wanted to work for, but in her work life, she was expecting many more things.

In another story, Jason was a real hard working senior manager at his firm and would frequently teach the middle management about leadership and interpersonal skills. He was well loved by his subordinates and his peers. He was the fixer of everything. Yet at home, he was running a sinking ship. He was impatient in his children’s teachings. He constantly shouted at his kids when they went out of line, and he would criticise their work.

His children would lie to him in fear of him reprimanding them about the truth. He had not had an in-depth conversation with his wife is many years, she would run the household in a manner that she had found to be the least disruptive to his schedules. It was fair to say that the love in his house had died a long time ago.

This is a sad state of affairs, but this is a very strong reality in our lives. One should live by the same rules across all avenues of your life. I do not remember the exact words, but Alan Knott-Craig, once said to his son, that one day when you are old and frail, your family will be around to look after you, and not your job, for that reason you should look after them well. These are the words that should resonate through your life.

There is a quote that states “Teach by example”, I would like to adapt that and say

“Live by Example” – Jannie Pieterse.

Zig Ziglar, Steven Covey, John Maxwell have all said it once (in fact many times).

“You cannot talk yourself out of a situation that you have behaved yourself into.”

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