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7 Super Tips to land that Sale

Read up on your prospects:
Most companies will have an on-line presence of some sort. The company’s website, facebook page, the company might even have a dedicated twitter user. The company or some of the executives might even have a blog. Look for recent press releases. Read them all, get a feel for what they are about and get an understanding into the thought patterns, strategies and approaches.

Join their conversation:
Once you have found that on-line presence, join in on the conversations; find out the tone of the conversations. Get to know some of the faces and names. Get to understand the current areas of where your product or service can impact their organisation.

Ask and listen:
Ask questions with regards to the environment that your service and/or product(s) delivers value, get them to tell you what the pitfall are in their current process and or products. Gather as much first hand understanding as possible.

Try their product:
If the company you are targeting has a product or service that can be practically applied in your life, then give it a try. If you like it, get your friends and family to try it as well. Get to know their product, this will give you an edge when taking part in conversations and give the prospective client and even yourself more confidence that each party in the conversation has understanding of the product and/or service.

Reflect passion:
When you communicate with the prospective client, be passionate when talking about their organisation; give them the understanding that you understand the value that their organisation offers. Help them understand that you understand the problems that they face, and how you can help them in the area of your service or product expertise.

Sell by example:
Once you have establish points of interest with regards to the area of your product and/or service, use situations with your prior client base that closely relates to the same problems that the prospective client faces. Explain how these problems were either resolved or controlled by the use of your product and/or service. This will help your prospective client to build confidence in your service and/or product, before you have actually attempted the sale.

Do as the Romans do:
Match their organisational culture, part of your research should be to understand the culture of the prospective organisation, so when you make that first direct contact, do so on a level that is on par with what they are used to. Make them feel that you are already a part of their team. For face to face meetings, dress the part. It is not always necessary to totally over dress, but never under dress.

On a final note, understand that all of these steps are not always possible, but when available, each of these steps can significantly aid in improving the sales process and greatly help is improving the sales closure ratio.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

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