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This is Me

Since I was at school I have loved coding. I decided to get into electronics when I left school cause that opportunity was available. I loved that to, but in my opinion, not my future. So I resigned and started my career as a waiter.

I enrolled at Hatfield Business College to complete my Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD).
Some years after completion I discovered that my qualification was invalid as the exams that I had completed was not official Microsoft MCP exams, thus my relisation that I had been short shifted. Non the less, the “qualification” aided in getting me my first job in programming and lead the way forward in my path of discovery.

I started my programming career at a internet start-up called Consignex(Pty)Ltd, I was a junior asp web developer, and quickly discovered that I have the ability to learn very quickly and was requested to develop a light weight payroll system. This turned out to be a short start, as the company closed down less than one year later.

I returned to my skills as a waiter while searching for my next employment opportunity.  I started contracting to a small ICT company and was involved in development projects for  government, mostly DOD, Air force and Navy. After moving through the ranks in that position, I reached the top available position for that path; Senior Specialist Analyst programmer. I found myself wanting to go further than that path was able to take me.

I joined The National Treasury IFMS team where I started on my Java EE path, and since I have always been a very quick learner. I caught on to different programming languages quickly. In my spare time I soared in the PHP, Javascript space and my online alias had spread widely across the web.

In 2003, my path into entrepaneurship started:

  • 2003; I co-found a marketing and advertising organisation. Apart from my duties as a Java EE programmer on my contracts, I managed all the ICT and related dealing and operations of  the organisation. On many occasions, the workload demand had resulted in late nights and even working through the nights. Additional to these responsibilities, once the organisation started employing resources, I had the added responsibility of human resources manager and had to manage a complex hierarchical commission structures.
  • 2006, I co-founded a property auctions organisation, and I assumed the same responsibilities within this organisation. This organisation became a subsidiary of the marketing organisation, and was the first of many to come.
    Later In 2006, we incorporated and added an events management company to the list of subsidiaries, and  pulled off a couple of high profile events.
  • 2007; Two additional organisations we added to the growing empire.
    – First was a web hosting and development organisation. Specialising in developing websites for clients in a multitude of technologies ranging from PHP, CMS, Javascipt to Back-end WordPress API’s and Webservices.
    – Second was a branding company which specialised in large format printing, working with clients from local to international.

The shear volume of the workload required by the organisations  and the impact of the international financial recession took its toll on the major stakeholders, and the group posted a loss of almost 60% revenue year on year for the 2008 fin year. This inevitably resulted in severe downscaling of the group and selling of some of the subsidiaries.

In 2009, The entire group was closed down due to financial pressures and inconsolable differences between partners, that resulted in the total collapse of the company and all its subsidiary companies.

In 2012, I started a new contract at a promising ICT company and was contracted for development services to a major financial organisation. Since then I have contributed to a number of financial and retails projects in the Java EE space. In a short time while working for the organisation, I had become acquainted with some of the senior management and executives of the organisation. They expressed their support and enthusiasm in my consideration of furthering my studies and career. I have joined up with one of these executives and have adopted him  as my mentor and guide.

In July 2012, I attempted to register for my MBA, I did not meet entry criteria due to my lack of having a undergraduate degree. I then immediately entered for the BBA – Bachelor of Business Administration Degree, and have since started my path towards my MBA and executive leadership. To date I have managed to maintain a distinction average and only time will tell if the cum-laud is in my future.

In 2013 I hope to complete and compliment my studies with a Enterprise Architect Certification.

My goals:

Short Term – 6 Months – 1 Year:
– Successful Leadership Role
– Maintain grades in BBA
– Enterprise Architect Certification

Medium Term – 1 Year – 5 Years:
– Successful Senior Management Role
– Complete BBA cum-laud
– Start with MBA

Long Terrm – 5 Years – 10 Years:
– Senior Executive Role
– Leadership and Mentor Role
– Incorporated Own Business
– Start with DBA

So, in a nutshell, “This is ME”. You will get to know me and journey as life takes me through the wormhole.

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